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New Flap System From Aerocomp

We now have an exciting new flap system available for most of our aircraft kits, which can be retrofitted to older Aerocomp aircraft as well.

The new "Slotted Flap" system will decrease stall speed by 5 kts., and increase lift without effecting speeds. This new flap system reduces landing and takeoff distances by 25%, which translates into increased safety and economy.


This New Slotted Flap System greatly increases the efficiency of an already impressive Aerocomp Wing.
Available on all Aerocomp wings and it can be installed on older aircraft, without opening the wing.

Available Now. Learn More About Aerocomp Products.

Retail Price: $5,000 Installation not included

Flap ILL
Flap Illustration
We are committed to providing you with the latest products available, and as always, outstanding personal service. If you have any questions about our new product offering, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Bill Fedorko
Aerocomp Inc.

Price does not include shipping or installation