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Comp Air Jet--Engine Update compjet

Merritt Island, Florida, September 26, 2005 The Comp Air Jet (CA-J) is a jet-powered, kit-built airplane that closely resembles a modern corporate jet. Some have compared the profile of the CA-J to a "scaled-down Citation" in appearance. With seating for 8 and a projected cruise speed of 320 knots, TAS @22,000', this sleek new low wing airplane will radically change most people's idea of a kit-built airplane. Utilizing a proprietary carbon-fiber hybrid sandwich, Aerocomp's extensive experience with molded composite airplanes shines through in the revolutionary CA-J.

Aerocomp's Comp Air Jet (CA-J) is a new, single- engine jet aircraft, that cruises at 320 knots and has a respectable 1,250 nautical mile range with 8 occupants. While still in flight testing, we decided to swap the AI-25 engine with the AI-25TL. This engine change will improve performance figures because the AI-25TL has slightly higher thrust. This new engine also produces less visibile smoke and is more fuel efficient. The engine change will not disrupt our flight test program, hence we are still taking orders for this exciting new aircraft.

The Comp Air Jet is an entirely new concept in kit-built aircraft, which puts this high-performance jet squarely on the top of the experimental industry, at an affordable price.

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Aerocomp Inc., a manufacturer of kit airplanes having 2 to 10 seats was among the first kit company to begin utilizing turbine power for their kits. Aerocomp is one of the oldest kit manufacturers in the United States and has shipped over 500 kits world- wide.


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