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Merritt Island, Florida, September 30, 2005 Aerocomp is well-known for coming up with a new aircraft most every year. So when they announced they were building a new aircraft, which is derived from their successful line of turbine powered aircraft, it was naturally destined to be a winner right out of the hangar doors. An all carbon composite Comp Air 8- 52XL is the new aircraft and it's wider, longer and taller than the original Comp Air 8 that it was created from and introduced several years back.

The Comp Air 8- 52XL, the latest creation to emerge from our plant is patterned after customers asking for larger aircraft that are economical, easy to fly, haul a lot of weight and are fast. Not always an easy thing to build, but Aerocomp is always up for a new aircraft challenge, as seen by the introduction of the Comp Air Jet and Comp Air 12. Builders have a choice of Carbon Composite or Fiberglass, either way you will have one tough, do anything aircraft.

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Aerocomp Inc., a manufacturer of kit airplanes having 2 to 10 seats and is among the first kit companies to begin utilizing turbine power for their kits. Aerocomp is one of the oldest kit manufacturers in the United States and has shipped over 500 kits world- wide.


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