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Comp Air Aviation and Downing Aviation Associates Announcement
Joint Press Release
Comp Air 12 FAA Certification Program
Merritt Island, Florida - June 11, 2007 - Comp Air Aviation of Merritt Island, Florida and Downing Aviation Associates of Phoenix, Arizona have announced that they will work jointly to secure funding, engineering and operational resources for Comp Air's new 310-knot single engine Model 12 turboprop aircraft. The Model 12 is the latest design in the Comp Air series, which initially flew in March 2007, and is currently in flight testing at the Comp Air facilities in Florida.
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The new aircraft, which features an 8 place, pressurized, standup cabin, 310 knot maximum cruise speed and up to 2500 nautical mile range will enter final design and certification testing shortly, with planned production commencing in mid 2010. 
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Downing Aviation Associates (DAA)
"Downing Aviation Associates will provide general marketing support and business development assistance to Comp Air Aviation, and leverage our extensive expertise in defining engineering and operations resources to help them execute this program," noted Art Manni, Senior Associate at DAA. "We will provide engine installation and nacelle design recommendations, as well, since those are specific areas where we offer expertise," he added.
Comp Air Aviation
Comp Air Aviation expects design and flight-testing activities to continue in Merritt Island, while alternative and expanded facilities for production of the major sections of the aircraft and final assembly, both in Florida or at other suitable areas, are explored. "We are looking for sites that can meet our people resource and operational requirements," stated Ron Lueck, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Comp Air Aviation. 
Lueck went on to say that "the model 12 combines new levels of comfort, speed and range for singe engine turbine aircraft market segment. It represents a combination of well-thought-out design and the utilization of modern materials and proven systems--the most obvious being the efficient and powerful Honeywell TPE331-14 turboprop engine. We expect to offer a combination of performance and utility that not only elevate the single engine turboprop segment but challenges a good portion of the expanding entry level or very light jet product base."
DAA's Manni added that "the new model 12 aircraft will be at the EAA's Airventure in Oshkosh July 23 to 26, where aircraft program briefings will be provided by Comp Air and expects to gather market survey and customer feedback as well. Further market exposure will be gained by convention booth briefings and static display of the aircraft at the NBAA convention in Atlanta in September.
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Comp Air Aviation is a leading supplier of composite utility and private operator aircraft designs, with more than eight models produced to date, and over 400 experimental category aircraft kits delivered and in operation throughout the world. For more information:
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