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Summer 1999

Float Flying in the Amazing Comp Air 8 Turboprop

Amazing Kit-built Comp Air 8 Turboprop Floatplane

The kit-built Comp Air 8 Turboprop by Aerocomp, Inc. is a real performer. Powered by a 660 hp Walter turboprop, the airplane boasts a 2500 lb. useful load and cruises at speeds of 200 to 250 mph TAS (wheels) or 160 to 185 mph TAS (floats).




Merritt Island, Florida - August 30, 1999

Just Imagine...

An affordable high performance floatplane capable of cruising at 12,000 feet or higher, at speeds of 160 to 185 mph TAS, with enough room to carry 6 adults and possibly a couple children, in comfort and style.

...and it's strong, rugged and the airframe is virtually corrosion-proof!

Too good to be true? Not so... Aerocomp Inc.'s new kit-built Comp Air 8 does all that and more.

Comp Air 8 on SuperFloatsIntroduced in it's landplane configuration just a few weeks ago at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 99 airshow and flyin, the new airplane has already been fitted with floats and is now flying regularly at the factory's home base in Merritt Island, FL.

The Comp Air 8 is 2 feet longer than the popular Comp Air 7 which Aerocomp introduced last year, and is designed to take full advantage of the 660 hp Czech-built Walter turboprop's outstanding load-carrying capability. The Comp Air 8, which boasts 237 square feet of wing area, is ideally suited for the Walter 601D powerplant. It can easily carry a standard 4800 lb. gross weight - and for real heavy haulers optional 5200 lb. gross weight reinforcements are available.

Although the Comp Air 8 is designed to cruise at 200 to 250 mph TAS in its landplane configuration, it is also capable of slowing down to fly alongside Champs, Cessna 150's, etc. in the traffic pattern. The low stall speed of 45 mph IAS results in an airplane with outstanding short and rough field capability that is able to carry large loads at respectable cruise speeds.

Because the Comp Air 8 is intended as a high performance, fast-flying load-carrying airplane, specially reinforced (carbon) fuselage and tail group members are included as standard features on the Comp Air 8.

The Comp Air 8 boasts a 461/2" wide cabin, sports 100% mass balanced controls for high cruise speeds, has specially reinforced oversize tail surfaces for stability and control, includes an aerodynamically efficient "raked" windshield, and has flush-mounted landing gear and flush-fit thermopane doors.

As with all Aerocomp kit-built airplanes, total fuel capacity is determined by the builder, who has the option of installing fuel tanks capable of carrying as much as 150 gallons.

Wing Span 35 ft
Wing Area 237 ft2
Height 9 ft
Length 31 ft
Seats 8
Engine 660 hp Walter
Gross Weight 4800 to 5200 lbs.
Empty Weight 2500 to 2700 lbs.
Useful Load 2300 to 2500 lbs.
VNE 209 mph IAS
Cruise 250 mph TAS
(21,000 ft)
Vso 45 mph IAS
Ron Lueck (co-owner of Aerocomp, Inc.) and Al Pike (the factory's in-house flight instructor) report that the airplane is a real pleasure to fly.  Both men prefer the excitement and freedom of the floatplane version to the landplane configuration, claiming that the airplane actually makes a better floatplane that it does a landplane! The airplane is easily trimmed to fly "hands-off" in climb, cruise, and descent. Longitudinal stability is excellent, with very good roll response and yaw control. Both pilots are experienced floatplane pilots, and have been flying the airplane from a variety of Florida waterways during recent weeks (both fresh and saltwater). According to the pilots, neither man has ever flown such an exciting and fun-to-fly floatplane. Takeoff distances are estimated at well under 2000 feet lightly loaded, with immediate climb capability after takeoff of 1500 fpm or better.


Watch this space for more about this unique airplane in the near future...

For more information, contact:

Aerocomp, Inc.
2335 Newfound Harbor Drive
Merritt Island, FL 32952 USA
TEL/FAX: 1 (321) 453-6641


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