SUPER FLOATS utilize advanced composite materials with KEVLAR™ reinforcements. This results in extremely strong and durable, yet lightweight floats. This system works equally well in both calm or rough water, with observed take-off runs as little as 75 feet for some aircraft.

Models Available

SUPER FLOATS are available in 16 sizes from 500 to 6000 lbs. gross weight, in either straight (no wheels) or amphibious configuration, with your choice of assembled or kit form.


Standard Floats
Gross Weight: SF500 SF800 SF1000 SF1200 SF1400 SF1600 SF1800 SF2000 SF2300 SF2850 SF3150 SF3450
Displacement 500 lbs 800 lb 1000 lbs 1200 lbs 1400 lbs 1600 lbs 1800 lbs 2000 lbs 2300 lbs 2850 lbs 3150 lbs 3450 lbs
Weight Each 28 lbs 30 lbs 58 lbs 60 lbs 65 lbs 89 lbs 92 lbs 92 lbs 100 lbs 175 lbs 195 lbs 200 lbs
With Gear 42 lbs 44 lbs 72 lbs 74 lbs 82 lbs 115 lbs 120 lbs 125 lbs 135 lbs 225 lbs 250 lbs

255 lbs

Length 12'2" 12'2" 15'2" 15'2" 15'2" 16'9" 16'9" 16'9" 16'9" 19'10" 19'10" 19'10"
Draft 6" 6" 8" 8" 9.5" 12" 12" 12.5" 13" 15" 16" 18"
High Gross Floats

Gross Weight:






4000 lbs

4800 lbs

5400 lbs

6000 lbs

Weight Each

400 lbs

410 lbs

425 lbs

450 lbs











The Kits
The easy-to-assemble kit can be finished in as little as 20 man hours for the straight floats and 50 man hours for the amphibious model. Assembly requires no special tools or complicated jigs, in fact the only "jig" needed is a bench top.

Advantages of SUPER FLOATS
The Kevlar™-reinforced composite construction of SUPER FLOATS provides pilots with some very unique advantages:

  1. No leaking! With no rivets to loosen and leak, and a hull/deck seam that is above the water line, SUPER FLOATS don't require the frequent "pumping out" that is often associated with other floats.
  2. SUPER FLOATS are stronger, and more damage-resistant than many other floats. In the rare event that damage is encountered (i.e. beaching in waves on a rocky shore, or striking a solid object at high speed), repairs are simple and easy with commonly available materials.
  3. Because SUPER FLOATS utilize modern construction methods and materials, they are both stronger and lighter than comparable floats made of aluminum. This allows pilots to get airborne in less distance (remember that small fishing lake?), and with less horsepower needed.
  4. SAFETY -- in addition to the enhanced performance capabilities, strength and weight savings offered by SUPER FLOATS, pilot also enjoy the distinct advantages of a "conventional gear" configuration for the amphibious models. By opting to replace complex nosewheel systems with simpler, lighter, less complex tailwheels (fully steerable), the risk of nose-over in the event of an inadvertent "wheels-down" landing in water is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. Test flight have been conducted successfully with several different Super Float-equipped airplanes that demonstrated it is possible (although ill-advised) to land in water with the wheels accidentally extended WITHOUT HARM!

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