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"I want to know if the floats for the Comp Air 7 can be removed and converted back to wheels when required? Is this a timely process?"

This can be done easily -- in just a few hours.
In fact, we did it recently in one afternoon to a Comp Air 8.

Once the initial float assembly has been completed, reconfiguring the airplane between landplane or floatplane only takes a few hours. This is especially true if the landplane is configured with conventional "tailwheel" landing gear. When the airplane is fitted with tailwheel landing gear, then the main landing gear bow can be left in place and used as the forward support for floats. It makes the conversion from landplane to floatplane easy.

In fact, for people who would like to enjoy both worlds -- landplane and floatplane, seasonally reconfiguring their airplane is the best way to accomplish their objectives. It is a far better choice than trying to fit retractable wheels into the floats. When it is done your way, the airplane isn't saddled with the floats year-round. While floats provide access to a whole new, different, and exciting world, they also detract from an airplane's performance, and aren't much fun to have around unless they are being used. A proper landplane is also much easier to handle on the ground than a retractable-wheels equipped floatplane. Your idea of reconfiguring the airplane also helps to avoid the high maintenance needs associated with retractable gear.

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