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"What is a general time to complete a Comp Air 7 or 8 with the turbine option?"

Both of these kits include a significant amount of work that is done at the factory prior to delivery to the customer. Basically, the widebody fuselage "quick build" options of the other kits are included already with the CA7 and CA8.

The kit is delivered with the two fuselage halves already joined together into a full fuselage body. Consequently, the remainder of the assembly process consists primarily of finishing wing assembly, rudder, elevator/stabilizer, flap/aileron assemblies and control mechanisms, finishing the landing gear, finishing wing fuel tanks and installing the wing top skin (all of those items can be accomplished by participating in the Skybuild Inc. builder's assistance center "12 day" program); then installing the powerplant and accessories, seats & upholstery, instrument panel, doors/windows, and painting the finished airplane.

It's impossible, of course, to predict how long it will take an individual builder to complete those tasks. If a builder sub-contracts some tasks like painting and upholstery to professionals, then his project will be finished much more quickly. On the other hand, if a builder attempts to wire up his own $30,000 IFR panel and has never wired up anything before, then he'll probably be at it for a long time. The same is true with the other tasks.

Most of the completed Aerocomp kits were completed by their builders in less than a year. Many completed their projects in less than 6 months. A talented few have done it in as little as 3 or 4 months (full-time effort). We estimate that we've invested about 600 to 1000 man-hours in the assembly of each of our current factory demonstrators. Piston-powered factory demonstrators have been built in less than 600 man-hours.

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