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"Please provide performance data (speeds, climb rates, fuel/range, etc.) for the Comp Monster and the Comp Air 6."

Performance on these airplanes varies depending on the builder's choice of powerplant.

The standard Comp Monster (also called Comp Air 4) is designed for engines of 150 to 180 hp, although most builders have been opting for a "high performance" version of the airplane which allows them to use up to 250 hp). These airplanes cruise at speeds from 130 to 175 mph TAS, depending on altitude, horsepower, power setting, weight, etc..

The Comp Air 6 is designed for engines of 220 to 300 hp and will typically cruise between 150 to 200 mph TAS (again depending on altitude, horsepower, power setting, weight, etc.). Climb performance varies too, depending on the same variables, anywhere from 600 to 1400 fpm). Some builders have reported climb rates of 1500 fpm with as many as 4 adults on board at sea level.

Stall speeds vary depending on wing selection (constant chord vs taper), flap setting, weight, power on/off, etc. Typical stall speeds are between 40 and 50 mph IAS.

Fuel capacity is variable, too, depending on the builder's preferences. Up to 150 gallon capacity may be built in to the airplane, if desired, during wing assembly. Standard capacity is 60 gallons. Range, of course, depends on the fuel capacity that the builder equips his airplane with, and the rate at which he burns that fuel. With maximum fuel capacity, range of over 1500 miles is possible on the piston-powered Comp Air planes.

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