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"Is it possible to arrange a tour of the Aerocomp facilities and a demonstration flight?"

YES - we would be delighted to have you visit us, and will be happy to show you our facilities.

We are located just a few miles south of Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral, about 45 minutes driving time east of Orlando, Florida. During a visit, you will be able to inspect completed aircraft on the flight line and customers' aircraft being assembled in the Skybuild Inc. builders' assistance center. A Friday or Saturday visit is most convenient (we are closed on Sundays). If you could phone the day before your visit, it will be easier for us to schedule a tour and demonstration flight. TELEPHONE: 1-321-453-6641 or 321/452-7168.

We currently own and operate over $1 million worth of factory demonstrator airplanes. We have 5 demonstrators - all are powered by the Walter M601D turboprop powerplant. We have two Comp Air 10's (one is float-equipped, the other is a trigear landplane). We also have one Comp Air 8 trigear landplane, and two Comp Air 7 taildraggers available for demonstration purposes. We do not currently have a piston-powered aircraft available for demonstration flights, although several piston-powered CA6's are currently under construction by customers using the Skybuild service.

While we welcome all visitors, demonstration flights must be reserved for serious purchasers only. We want customers who purchase our products to be able to have a free demo flight, but we do not feel that it is right for them to have to bear the expense of providing free rides for others. There are simply too many casually interested people requesting rides for us to offer free flights to everyone. To help us tell the difference between those who are serious, and those who are just casually interested, free demo flights are reserved for customers who have placed a minimum $250 deposit towards the purchase of any of our kits. The deposit is non-refundable, but will be applied against the purchase price of any kit you buy during the next year.

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