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"Please advise if there is any factory personnel or engineer available to build the plane for me."

Many of our customers are electing to utilize an established builder assistance program with technicians and craftsmen experienced in the assembly of Comp Air kits. These programs are custom-tailored to best meet the needs of each individual aircraft owner. 

Legally, the FAA does not allow anyone (factory, engineer, or otherwise) to "build an experimental airplane for you." If you want one, you'll need to either build it yourself, or purchase a used one from a previous builder.

Under the provisions of 21.191(g), an amateur-built aircraft is defined as an aircraft in which the major portion has been fabricated and assembled by persons who undertook the construction project solely for their own education or recreation. Persons building an experimental aircraft should familiarize themselves with FAA Advisory Circular 20-27, "Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft" and FAA Order 8130.2D (esp. Section 7 "Experimental Amateur-built Airworthiness Certifications"). It is important to note that applicants will jeopardize eligibility for certification under 14 CFR 21.191(g) if someone else builds the aircraft.

We understand that many people either lack the time to undertake a big project, or lack the facilities, experience, and confidence to undertake the assembly of an airplane without some personalized guidance and assistance. To make it possible for these people to enjoy the benefits of building and owning their own airplane, we work closely with builder assistance centers experienced in the assembly of Comp Air kits, to help our customers accomplish their goals. These programs significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to assemble your airplane, and provide the facilities and experience necessary to enable a first-time builder to complete his project in a timely manner.

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