Comp Air LLC Business Opportunities


  Tremendous worldwide opportunities exist for individuals or groups interested in regional manufacturing and marketing of the unique airplane products developed by Comp Air LLC. The following pages provide an brief outline of those opportunities. For further information, contact Comp Air LLC.  


Comp Air LLC, Inc. is currently considering proposals from several parties to engage in a joint venture expansion of our current operations. The purpose of the expanded company will be to embark on a full-scale, worldwide marketing effort, new product development, and FAA certification of some of our airplanes. Additional joint venture proposals are welcome. Contact Comp Air LLC today with your ideas.

    a. Worldwide Marketing
During the past five years, Comp Air LLC's sales have been doubling each year. The current marketing efforts have been very low-key, focused primarily on the eastern US kit-built airplane market. Daily enquiries are being received from aviation businesses around the world, expressing interest in the possibility of manufacturing and marketing our products locally. We are now ready to begin pursuing these global opportunities.

    b. New Product Development
Comp Air LLC. has distinguished itself by aggressive new-product development. Each year, we have brought exciting new airplanes to the market. Our engineering staff and market research team have identified several additional opportunities which we look forward to pursuing, together with new joint-venture business partners. These new products will be at the forefront of aviation technology, designed to fill special-purpose market niches.  Along with new product development, we look forward to further refining our current designs, to take advantage of the experience and knowledge gained during field operations of our products.

    c. FAA Certification
Comp Air LLC has received numerous inquiries about the availability of certified versions of its products, suitable for use in commercial operations. Requests for information regarding possible commercial uses of our products are received daily. We are keenly interested in the possibility of pursuing those opportunities, and are prepared to seriously consider all proposals from qualified parties that could lead to standard airworthiness certification of our airplanes.