Comp Air LLC Business Opportunities


Great opportunities exist for distributor/manufacturers ("Master Distributors") interested in setting up regional manufacturing, marketing, and distribution networks for Comp Air LLC's unique airplane products. These include the following:

Master Distributors will have access to substantial Comp Air LLC. head office support, including assistance during the initial setup of their operations, access to proprietary techniques, manufacturing methods, quality assurance, training of key personnel, etc. Ongoing support will also be provided, including continuing new product research and development, improvement of existing product lines, quality control, engineering, international marketing, opportunities for cooperative enterprise, etc.



Tremendous worldwide marketing opportunities are available. Comp Air LLC. is now seeking individuals and groups interested in taking advantage of these unique opportunities throughout the major geographical regions of the world.

Ten major geographical regions have been identified, and are currently available for consideration:



Sales of Comp Air LLC products have been doubling each year, for the past five years, and the Merritt Island, FL-based company is now ready to begin expanding its operations. The time is right; the window of opportunity is open. Comp Air LLC. is seeking assistance meeting the rapidly-expanding worldwide demand for its products, and an opportunity to enjoy a substantial return on investment exists for individuals or groups with the ability to capitalize on this unique opportunity. Major worldwide regional Master Distributor positions are available for as little as US $2 million. Anticipated return on investment may be as high as 50% per annum within a few years of setup. Interested parties are urged to contact Comp Air LLC immediately for further details.


Master Distributors will be expected to assemble and operate at least one Comp Air LLC. airplane (additional demonstrator airplanes are highly recommended for maximum sales effectiveness). Experience has shown that at least one of those airplanes must be a Comp Air 7 Turboprop.

Additional responsibilities will include: