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Dr. Ray Ireland - N8116V
Left: Dr. Ray Ireland

N57TR - Comp Air 7 Turbine, owned by Mr. Tommy Rose
Right: Mr. Tommy Rose

This high performance brother of the piston-powered Comp Air 6 and Comp Air 7 airplanes features the following upgrades as standard items:

  • High Power Carbon Tailgroup Reinforcements

  • Widebody (46") Package

  • Heavy-duty Lift Struts, Larger Tail Surfaces

  • Torque-tube Push/Pull Aileron Control System

  • 100% Mass Balanced Control Surfaces

  • Extended Range Fuel Capacity

  • +6g, -4g Airframe

  • 3/8" Optically-corrected Windshield

  • 3/16" Side Windows

  • Flush-fit Thermopane Fiberglass Doors with 3-Point Door Latch System

  • Extended Length, Flush-mounted Landing Gear

  • Oversize Heavy-duty Tires/Wheels and Brakes (800 x 6 - 8ply)

  • Heavy-duty Tailwheel Assembly

Jerry Rodgers' Comp Air 7 Turbine - Taxiing for 1st Flight
Above: Mr. Jerry Rodgers' Comp Air 7 Turbine

Builder Assistance
You could be flying your new Comp Air 7 Turbine in as little as three or four months. Twelve (12) and twenty-one (21) day programs are available at a growing number of factory- authorized builder assistance centers, where you can work shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow pilots building similar airplanes. In less than three weeks, you'll be able to assemble your airplane's airframe, wings, tail, control surfaces, and landing gear. When you take your new airplane home, finish work will consist primarily of upholstery, installation of instruments and avionics, and - of course - painting in your favorite colors. Professional assistance is also available, on request, to help with powerplant installation, initial test flying, and type-transition flight training.

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