Comp Air 7 Turbine - Performance Flying in a Utility Airplane

Ready for launch?
    This airplane doesn't "take-off" — it launches! Advancing the power lever on the big Walter 601 turboprop opens up a whole new world for pilots accustomed to flying piston powerplants. As power is advanced, the airplane leaps forward and the wings begin to lift immediately. You'll know instantly that this airplane has no peers. With the ability to climb at up to 4000 feet per minute, your Comp Air 7 Turbine will be out of the pattern and leveling off at cruising altitude before most of your piston-powered friends have finished their preflight run-ups.

"Tower, N4115J is holding short Runway 27,
...ready for launch."

Need Room for the Family?
    When it's time to settle down for some relaxed cross-country cruising, the Comp Air 7 Turbine is the airplane of choice. It's roomy cabin will seat 4 adults (plus a couple kids) in comfort. There's plenty of room for everyone. Lots of headroom, legroom, and shoulder room are available in a big cabin that is easily custom-configured to suit each owner's individual preferences. The ride is comfortable and pleasant behind the big, smooth-running, vibration-free turbine powerplant. This is an airplane that passengers will love.

Where's the Competition?
    There is no competition. Nothing else compares. The Comp Air 7 Turbine is in a league all its own. No other airplane in the world offers so much for so little. A few expensive two- or even four-place airplanes may be able to match the Comp Air 7's climb and cruise performance numbers, but they can't match it's roomy six-place cabin, easy handling, or good-natured flight characteristics. And no other airplane can so easily be customized to meet each pilot's individual objectives.

Comp Air 7 Turbine. Photo Credit: EAA 1999 Koepnick
Photo Credit: EAA 1999 Koepnick

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