New Aerocomp, Inc. Seaplane Demonstrator Test Flown Today

December 5, 1996 -- Aerocomp, Inc. today announced ...

The "10 Day Wonder", a beautiful seaplane built by volunteers during the 10 day Minnesota State Fair made it's maiden flight today (...more details about the assembly project here...). The float-equipped four place kitplane was assembled from a kit during the Fair. Aerocomp, Inc. pilot Ron Lueck test-flew the new airplane today from the beautiful waters of the Indian River, in Merritt Island, FL, where the airplane will be based as a factory demonstrator.

Powered by a 220 hp Franklin engine, with a 3-blade 76" IVO Magnum propeller, the all-composite airplane was airborne on it's first takeoff today after an amazingly short takeoff run lasting a mere 12 seconds, at a takeoff weight with full fuel of 2600 lbs. Pilot Lueck reported that all systems functioned normally, and the airplane flew and handled well, with no need for modifications or adjustments. Further test flights will be conducted over the next few days to confirm the airplane's capabilities throughout a full range of operating conditions, after which a full report of the airplane's performance specifications will be made available.

Known as the "Comp Monster", this sleek molded composite kit-built airplane will be available for sales demonstration flights to prospective customers at the conclusion of its test-flight program. It is fitted with matching molded composite "SuperFloats", also available from Aerocomp, Inc., and suitable for use on a wide range of aircraft.

The colorful, eye-catching paint scheme that you see in the photos was custom designed for this airplane by Flightlines of Merritt Island, FL. Flightlines' General Mgr. Gordon Milliord designed the paint scheme (a stylized bird in flight) to take full advantage of the sleek lines of the composite airplane. Retaining the shiny finish of the white gel-coated wings and fuselage, he kept weight, expense, and complexity to a minimum, using only two colors and a couple gallons of paint to create this beautiful airplane.

More details about the Minnesota State Fair assembly project here...)

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